Washington Redskins: What the Loss to the Eagles Means to the ‘Skins

On Sunday the Washington Redskins faced off against the Eagles. This game was hugely important for both teams. For the Eagles it would give them hope going into their bye week, after a terrible start to the season for the supposed “Dream Team.” For the ‘Skins this game would prove that they are for real, a true force to be reckoned with in the NFL. Both teams were eager for a “W” in this game.

The Redskins ultimately disappointed their fans. It was an ugly game to watch from both teams, with flags flying left and right. The Redskins had a total of nine penalties for 75 yards and four turnovers. As the fans were watching this game, it brought back thoughts to last season. The ‘Skins started off well and slowly became a laughing stock in the NFL.

This loss demonstrated two things:


The Redskins Need To Do Something at the Quarterback Position:

Rex Grossman had a pretty good game to start off the season against New York, but as the season has gone on, Rex Grossman has become worse and worse. Sunday, “Sexy Rexy” threw four interceptions and was taken out of the game in the fourth quarter. We were able to get wins in three of the first four games because of a good defense, solid running and I hate to say it but bad oppositions. On Sunday, the defense wasn’t extraordinary and the run game seemed non-existant. Rex collapsed and had a terrible outing. John Beck came out, had a decent half-quarter on the field but was nothing Redskins fans should be jumping up and down for. What the ‘Skins need is a quarterback that they can depend on to get the job done every Sunday.


The ‘Skins’ Run Game Is Very Important:

On Sunday, for whatever reason, Mike and Kyle Shanahan decided not to play Hightower (after saying he would start) and instead played Ryan Torain. There is nothing wrong with that decision, but what the Shanahans did wrong was not giving the backs enough opportunities. Torain and Helu were given a total of 12 carries. That is not enough to get the momentum going. They needed more carries and Shanahan should have given Hightower a couple of touches as well, hoping for a big gain. With the three RBs that the Redskins have, they should be getting more carries each game. They proved to be an important aspect in the Redskins’ offense after last game.

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