Dirtiest Players in Sports

Sports are meant to be a thing of beauty; that’s why people watch it, right? To see the flow of the game and the magic moment when sport becomes an art. A special moment where it seems like everything is just falling into place.

People say they watch sports for that beauty.

I claim this as well. And, I agree, nothing is better than watching the magic of the sport unfold. But, no one can deny that dirtiness and aggressiveness, opposites of beauty, are a factor in their love for a team, player, or sport.

It brings a certain intensity when a player goes face to face with someone else. Trash talking, maybe a push here or there—everyone loves that. It shows just how much some of these players care about the game. And that’s always good to know.

Yet, some players take it too far. It doesn’t become intensity—it becomes insanity. It becomes something that can give you a general distaste for the team.

Those players are the dirtiest out there. Every sport has them, some are worse than others, but it’s always the same case. A player who crosses the line and doesn’t stop at being merely dirty.

Some people grow fond of these players. If they’re on their team or if they just love that general intensity, but most people really don’t like them.

With that, the ten dirtiest players in sports.

Chris Paul

Chris Paul is rare dirty player who is generally loved all over the league by fans, and highly respected by players. But every now and then, he’ll give a player a cheap shot to show his frustration. Sometimes it’s fine, sometimes it’s not.

Punching an opposing player in the groin is one of those times where it’s not fine.

It’s one of those few off limits things in sports that people know not to do. Come on Chris…it’s an unwritten rule.

Nyjer Morgan 

Morgan is the only baseball player on this list. He must have done something, then, to deserve being here. Unlike Paul, or    some others, it’s not that he’s just excessively feisty and then does something completely unnecessary.

Morgan hasn’t done one thing; he’s done many. The second it seems as if a ball has been thrown near him, he will take no mercy in charging the pitcher.

But, perhaps he’s just ahead of our time; I mean, who else successfully managed to make baseball a contact sport?

Kevin Garnett

There was recently an anonymous letter written to ESPN the Magazine by an NBA player. In it, he said that some intense, dirty players are good for the NBA. Then, he proceeded to say, unless his initials are K.G.

Garnett was an intense player for the Wolves that everyone respected for his hustle. Now, he’ still as intense, yet he has become infamous for his dirtiness, and willingness to beat up someone half his height.

Not only is he overly aggressive, he almost never goes face to face. He prefers cheap shots where the opposing player has no chance to strike back and never sees it coming.

Evidence A is this video. Evidence B is all the other videos where he does the exact same thing.

Steve Downie

For a mediocre, young player, Steve Downie possesses an air of confidence that should really just be classified as arrogant.

He finds no trouble in getting into fights, and has become infamous for cheap shots, perhaps none quite as unnecessary as this one on Crosby.

Cortland Finnegan

This isn’t an opinion piece per say, and it’s not something that you readers really care about, but I’ll say it anyways. Out of every one on this list, Finnegan is probably the one I least respect and most hate.

He constantly throws cheap shots, and will be at the beginning of a big brawl if the opportunity presents itself.

He also doesn’t seem apologetic and will gladly throw an opponent, or even team-mate, under the bus to the press. Thus breaking an obvious code amongst the players.

And, hate to throw this in here, but he’s a top five most over-rated defensive player today.

Nigel de Jong

There are plenty of other clips I could have chosen in which Nigel De Jong would be portrayed as a very, very dirty soccer player. In fact, he’s the dirtiest in the game.

But, I chose the one he is most infamous for, and the one on the biggest stage. Enjoy.

Reggie Evans

What’s the one thing that’s worst than hitting a man in the private parts, a la Chris Paul? Grabbing that area. A couple years ago, Reggie Evans completely crossed the line, grabbing Kaman’s area as he was going for a rebound.

The moment will live on in infamy and, though he has somewhat turned his career around, will always ensure a place for Evans as a very, very dirty player.

James Harrison

Six or seven years ago, James Harrison would not only have been a better all-around player, but he would have had a lot more money.

But now, with all the new regulations, Harrison finds himself being the most scrutinized defender in the league, and regularly gets fined for hits every week.

That’s not fully it though; if any attitude can be illustrated as dirty, it is that of Harrison’s, who finds no shame in ridiculing his teammates in interviews.

Elizabeth Lambert

Didn’t think their would be a girl on this list, did you? Elizabeth Lambert may just be the dirtiest player in sports today, guy or girl.

She has punched girls, slapped, kicked, and pulled a girls hair which I’ll assume is the same thing as punching a guy right where it hurts.

Oh…and did I forget to mention that she did all these despicable things in one soccer game?

BY: Miles Malley

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