NBA Playoffs 2012: Just How Far Can the New York Knicks Go?

After a win against the Bucks on April 11th, the Knicks all but clinched a playoff berth, their second in two consecutive years. However, based on last year’s results, this may not seem like a huge feat as they failed to win a single game. This raises a vital question: can the Knicks go further than the first round […]

New York Knicks: Better off Without Jeremy Lin?

The Mike Woodson era marked a new beginning and an ending: the birth of a new Knicks team (11-3) and the death of a Jeremy Lin-centered offense. It raises the question: Are the Knicks better off without their star point guard Jeremy Lin? The Knicks’ unbelievable run in early February gave reason to why an offense completely […]

NBA Playoffs: Which Superstar-Less Team Has the Best Odds at a Championship?

Basketball, it is said, is the true team sport. No other sport fully depends on the ability of all five individuals to, ironically, cease being five individuals, and become something more. More than in football, where there are different teams for offense and defense, more than in baseball, where hitting involves the skill of one […]

Reggie Miller vs. Knicks and the 10 Worst Enemies in Sports

The retired superstars of sports, if you ever happen to listen to what they have to say, will generally agree on one thing—they all think that the current players, in whatever respective league the former players played, have become way too friendly with one another. Just ask the man in the picture above. Reggie Miller […]

John Wall and Kyrie Irving: Comparing the Two Point Guards’ Present and Future

When two people’s pasts are so eerily similar, their present, for better or for worse, will forever be intertwined. Such is the case with John Wall and Kyrie Irving. Both extremely sought after point guards in high school, mainly for their speed and ability to hone an incredible scoring mentality and game while also being […]

Roger Federer: Should the Swiss Maestro Put All His Eggs in One Basket?

When Roger Federer trudged off Rod Laver Court on Jan. 26, after a good, but disappointing four-set loss to rival Rafael Nadal, it marked eight consecutive major in which the World No. 3 was not the last man standing. For someone who was so habituated to winning during his prime of 2003 to 2008, this […]

2012 NFL Draft: Why Washington Redskins Will Come to Regret Trade for No. 2 Pick

Last night, the Washington Redskins and St. Louis Rams agreed to terms for a deal for the Redskins to acquire the No. 2 pick in April’s NFL draft. The pick will almost certainly be Heisman Trophy-winning Baylor quarterback Robert Griffin III.  The price for RGIII was first-round picks in the 2012 (sixth overall), 2013 and […]