Reggie Miller vs. Knicks and the 10 Worst Enemies in Sports

The retired superstars of sports, if you ever happen to listen to what they have to say, will generally agree on one thing—they all think that the current players, in whatever respective league the former players played, have become way too friendly with one another. Just ask the man in the picture above. Reggie Miller […]

5 Things We Learned So Far This NBA Season

It took the NBA long enough to start…at least they soothed the pain with an exciting, and unexpected, start to the season. Christmas day, enhanced so much by the start of this season, started with the Knicks seemingly stopping, at least momentarily, the Celtics reign as kings of the Atlantic Division. In the following hours, Kobe’s Lakers […]

NBA: Top 10 Rookies and Their Best and Worst Case Scenarios as Pros

This year’s draft class was less than spectacular and full of gambles.  A player could either turn out to be the next big thing, or the next bust. A player can turn out to be the next Chris Paul, or Ramon Sessions. Dirk Nowitzki, or Brian Scalabrine. The list goes on. So, for a fan’s sake, […]

Dirtiest Players in Sports

Sports are meant to be a thing of beauty; that’s why people watch it, right? To see the flow of the game and the magic moment when sport becomes an art. A special moment where it seems like everything is just falling into place. People say they watch sports for that beauty. I claim this […]

Top 10 Biggest Crying Moments in Sports History

Sports are for tough guys, right? At least that’s what they always say. That only the toughest and the strongest make it, and that’s what we believe—that these athletes are almost beyond human, the toughest people out there; the people who didn’t listen to haters at a young age, who played with people older than […]

Top 10 Biggest Fights in Sports History

Surely one of the biggest fights in hockey took place in 1997, between the Detroit Red Wings and Colorado Avalanche. It was all in the aftermath of a check during Game 6 of the previous season’s playoffs, when Claude Lemieux drilled Kris Draper into the wall. The next year, the two teams met again, and […]

Smack Talk: The 20 Best Trash Talkers in Sports History

Some fans hate trash talkers; others find them as one of the essential part of sports. Trash talking is the art of completely getting inside an opponent’s head, hurting their game even more than with smothering defense. It’s not simply talking to the opponent, because a bad trash talker does nothing. A good trash talker […]